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Bag filters

Dust bag review by Rudy.
Dust Bag Filter Replacements for industrial dust collectors.

I’m here with Rudy, I’m going to ask him a couple questions about our filters that we have. Could you tell us a little bit about the media that’s used (these are dust bag filters we’re going to show you here). Could you tell us a little bit about the media used?

We have the Nomax. We have the Polyester Blend. And there’s several other medias that are needed for different applications.

This particular filter is a top-load. You take it down through the top of the tube sheet and it springs into the tube sheet hole.

This one here is at the bottom of the tube sheet.
When it’s loaded from the bottom, you clamp that onto the lip that’s down from the tube sheet. This also has a ground wire. Some applications they need a ground wire.

Basically, they are a little bit more forgiving than the cartridges but they have their own application. They last, they last quite awhile.
It all depends on your application and also the way that you clean them. Make sure that you use a pulsation. Keep a check on it and make sure it’s working.

The differential pressure don’t go up past 4.5 to 5 inches. They usually start out at zero to 2 inches. They’ll probably hang around 2 inches for quite awhile before it starts to go up.

But make sure that you have good clean air, no oil and no moisture. Basically, that’s all you have to do….just maintain them.