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 Kick your assets with a discount video ad and bite size tips how to make your own Green Screen videos for the web. This is About what video can do for you!

We intend to give an under one minute ad, a focused video product. There are samples on pages in the navigation bar, some are longer than one minute.

Kick your assets with a discount video ad at Go pappy go video studio. Your video on the internet will be your 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, top number 1 sales person 365 days a year.

—imagine this—

More than 6 Reasons to use Video in your business adverts.

1. It’s like watching a movie, People love watching video.
2. 80 percent of people recall a video ad within 30 days.
3. 90 percent of people say that seeing a video is helpful in making a decision to buy.
4. Studies show that people are 64 percent more likely to buy a product after watching a video.
5. According to Forbes, 59 percent of executives would rather watch a video then read text.
6. A personal video can get a prospective customer to feel as though they know you, like you, and trust you, before they even walk through your door for the very first time.
7. People will simply be thrilled to meet you after seeing you in a movie video.

Here are some of my video studio discount productions. On these pages and posts will mostly consist of video discount production advertisements, however, I hope you find them entertaining because I produced them. After all you probably watch many TV advertisements without much thinking about sending in a complaint to the TV station. Here you simply can. And if you care to make a comment please do. And if you can do better, again, please do.

I’m alias GoPappyGo. Alongside my video studio discount productions, I peddle domain names with a kick ass-ets email idea that can be used on most any smart device. Personalize your email with your business domain name branding.

Now let us talk about making your video.

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